Fire Department History

The First Fire Warden J.W. Dorser was appointed in 1872 with the duties of examining flues and fire hazards. In November 1872, the purchase of hook ladders, buckets, and other needed equipment was purchased. A committee was named to decide on locations for cisterns to be used for fire fighting. The City's first Fire Engine was purchased on July 16, 1873, Isaac Gibson who was named as engine chief, with police power. A few days later a lot was purchased to be used as the City Hall. The No. 1 Fire Station is still at this location. Then the council organized a Fire Department and purchased uniforms for 24 men and a team and wagon to haul the engine.

The first fire limits was established by an Ordinance on October 23, 1874 when the Council approved a law that no frame or wooden buildings will be erected on either side of Coates and Reed Street. The first all night shifts of firemen were started on July 3, 1899, when an ordinance was passed fixing the force at a chief and eight men. Two of the Firemen were required to sleep at the fire station. In May 1900, the force was increase to seven men. A full time Fire Department was formed on January 12, 1911 and then on March 1, 1922 two platoons of Fire Fighters was established by an ordinance.

The City's first motorized Fire fighting equipment was purchased on October, 1915, when the council bought a Velie hose wagon, equipped with solid tires and chain drive. Then in 1965, the fire equipment consisted of a 1947 Central fire truck, one 1960 GMC fire truck, one 1962 Ford station wagon and one Jeep and trailer with a 500-gallon pumper.